High Praise from Reviewers


Susan Golant’s Books

 For The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up with Steven Masley, MD

  • “Many believe that the preventative and therapeutic aspects of heart disease are as complicated as rocket science. They are not! Dr. Masley has created a simple, easy, strategic plan to enhance cardiovascular healing. . . Highly Recommended.” Stephen T. Sinatra, MD, NY Times bestselling author of Reversing Heart Disease.

For Within Our Reach with Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter:

  • “Rosalynn Carter and her co-authors have made a major contribution to better understanding of Mental Health in America today. With their compelling emphasis on the importance of sound science, the elimination of old stigma, and critical progress in public policy, they give us genuine cause for hope.” Former Senator Tom Daschle.
  • ”Within Our Reach. . . is not only a clear-eyed, compassionate, deeply informed call-to-arms from a woman who has been in the health care trenches for forty years, it’s also a really good read.” Glenn Close, Actress
  • “As a freshman mental health advocate, Within Our Reach: Ending the Mental Health Crisis is now my primer on the we face. It’s not only a clear-eyed, compassionate, deeply informed call-to-arms from a woman who has been in the health care trenches for forty years, it’s also a really good read…” Glenn Close, Actress
  • “Within Our Reach challenges us to look at how far we have come in our knowledge of how to treat mental illnesses but how far we have yet to go to address the the mental health crisis in our society – a crisis that touches everyone…” Dr. David Satcher, former U.S. Surgeon General
  • “One day, I predict that mental illnesses will be treated no differently than other physical illnesses. When that wonderful new era finally arrives, it will be in significant measure due to Rosalynn Carter. As her book Within Our Reach describes, she has fought to bring mental health out of a dark closet and into the light. Mrs. Carter inspired me to go public with my own chronic depression, a condition I have battled while serving as publisher of the Los Angeles Times and chairman/CEO of CNN…Thank you, Rosalynn, for your lifetime of leadership” Tom Johnson, Former Chairman and CEO of CNN

For The Alzheimer’s Project: Momentum in Science:

  • “This companion book to the HBO documentary film series explores the latest research on Alzheimer’s which has resulted in new technology and methods of analysis. Surveying breakthroughs in the field and examining the nation’s labs and clinics and their results. Any health library concerned with Alzheimer’s research will find this an eye opening glimpse into the world of future trends and treatments…” Midwest Book Review

For Ten Years Younger:

  • “Dr. Masley shows us how we can take control of the aging process. Follow this simple ten-week plan, and you’ll find yourself getting younger day by day…” Memet Oz, MD,. coauthor, You: The Owner’s Manual
  • “Dr. Steven Masley leads the way…Ten Years Younger is a stand-out program for turning back the clock and making these goals a reality…” David Perlmutter, M.D., F.A.C.N., author of The Better Brain Book
  • “A fantastic, no-excuses plan that will take off the years, inside and out. Ten Years Younger should be required reading for all physicians and their patients.” Fleur Sack, M.D., former president, Florida Academy of Family Physicians

For Hardball For Women:

  • “In this constructive, no-nonsense guide, business consultant Heim addresses women executives who, despite technical proficiency, hard work and managerial skills equal or superior to those of their male co-workers, have been passed over for promotions. With Golant ( No More Hysterectomies ), she stresses the need for women to study the sports-modeled, competitive culture of men…she advises such techniques as attacking a problem – not the person responsible – adhering to team goals and accepting criticism from a “coach.” She also…reminds women that “in a man’s world – as in sports – winning is all that matters.” Publishers Weekly
  • “This landmark work will likely become essential reading for professional women everywhere. At the same time, it offers men considerable insight into the strengths and contributions of the female culture. Highly recommended.” Nancy Myers, Library Journal

For In the Company of Women:

  • “Powerful, eye-opening, smart reading.” Susan Estrich, author of Sex and Power
  • “Thought provoking, politically incorrect.” Time Magazine
  • “Thorough, thoughtful…sophisticated.” The Boston Sunday Globe

For What to do When Someone You Love is Depressed:

  • “[This] book will bring hope and comfort to the loved ones of those who struggle to overcome this most common of mental illnesses.” Rosalynn Carter

For Helping Someone with Mental Illness with Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter:

  • “An important resource for families, friends, and those facing the challenges of mental illness.  It delivers its message with warmth, clarity, and candor.”  Laurie Flynn, Executive Director, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill.
  • “Family and friends of persons with mental illness will want to turn to Mrs. Carter’s book first for empathy, information, and advice.  This is an excellent guide.” C. Everett Koop, M.D., former Surgeon General of the United States
  • “This insightful guide is a valuable resource for anyone whose life has been affected by mental illness.” Tipper Gore
  • “Rosalynn Carter—no surprise—has done her homework, and has put together a thorough, compassionate, specific, and eminently useful handbook. . .” Mike Wallace.

For Helping Yourself Help Others: A book for Caregivers, with Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter:

  • “A practical, highly informative and sympathetic guide.” The Washington Post
  • “An intelligent, compassionate book.” The New York Times Book Review

For The Prize Fight with Morton A. Meyers, M.D.:

  • “This well-written book includes a series of eye-opening case studies of acrimonious conflicts over credit for scientific discoveries.” James E. Till, Albert Lasker Award winner

For Ten Years Younger with Steven Masley, M.D.:

  • “Follow this simple ten-week plan and you’ll find yourself getting younger, day by day.” Mehmet Oz, M.D.

For Getting Past Your Past with Francine Shapiro,Ph.D.:

  • “. . . a lucid, practical book for transforming people’s lives and helping them to savor living in the moment. . .”  Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.

For The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up with Steven Masley, M.D.:

  • “Here is a user-friendly, thoroughly professional guide to preserving your heart and your health.  . .  Read it: the heart and life you save may be your own!”   Hyla Cass MD, author, 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health
    • The 30- Day Heart Tune-Up clearly . . . reads smoothly to inform both patients and health care providers of this important plan.  I look forward to recommending The 30 Day Heart Tune-Up to my family medicine patients.” Sandra L. Argenio, M.D. Past President, FAFP, Consultant, Dept of Family Medicine, Mayo Clinic Florida

For In the Company of Women with Pat Heim, Ph.D. and Susan Murphy, Ph.D.:

  • Powerful, eye-opening, smart reading.”  Susan Estrich, author of Sex and Power
  • “Thought provoking, politically incorrect.” Time Magazine
  • “Thorough, thoughtful. . . sophisticated.” The Boston Sunday Globe
  • “An excellent roadmap.  Run, don’t walk, to your nearest library or bookseller and read this book.”  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • “One of the most important lessons I learned in Congress is how powerful the unified voice of women can be. This book provides insight and tools that can help women become an even stronger force. . . by creating alliances out of conflict.” Patricia Schroder, former member of Congress

For Going to the Top with Carol Gallagher, Ph.D.

  • “I highly recommend this book to women—and men—who are determined to make a difference in their organizations.”  Tom Peters
  • “Highly informative, rich, wise and full of fresh insights. . . I strongly recommend following her roadmap!”  Sally Helgesen, author of The Female Advantage
  • “Gallagher supplies true-life experiences of 200 women from Fortune 1000 companies, such as American Airlines, American Express, Dow Jones and Wells Fargo Bank. She describes the factors that were critical to her subjects’ success and offers practical and strategic advice for other high potential women, along with many brief stories and comments from interviewees. Gallagher’s interviewees come off as smart, tenacious and extremely self-aware; many corporate women will welcome their rarefied perspective and solid advice.” Publisher’s Weekly
  • “The advice is direct, strong, and supportive, without cheerleading or being cloying. . . I’m giving this book to my college-senior daughter. It should be in academic and public library collections.” –Susan DiMattia, Library Journal

For Hardball for Women with Pat Heim, Ph.D.

  • “Essential reading for professional women everywhere.”  Library Journal
  • “A must read. Goes beyond Games Mother Never Taught You.” Natasha Josefowitz, author of Paths to Power 

For What to Do When Someone You Love is Depressed with Mitch Golant, Ph.D.

  • “This book will bring hope and comfort to the loved ones of those who struggle to overcome this most common of mental illnesses.”  Rosalynn Carter 

For The Batterer: A Psychological Profile with Don Dutton, Ph.D.

  • As sensationalistic as that sounds, the authors never stoop to tabloid journalism; their considered use of information from the Simpson trial actually increases the book’s accessibility for general readers. . . . Dutton and Golant provide an excellent introduction to the psychology of wife abusers. They have produced a cogent and interesting book that deserves a place in both public and undergraduate libraries. Library Journal, Pamela A. Matthews

For You Don’t Say:  Navigating Nonverbal Communication Between the Sexes

  • “Among much else, there is advice for women on the fine points of a conventional handshake, with the full palm and firm grasp that men often expect. Clear and concise throughout. . .”  Publisher’s Weekly 


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