How do you get paid?

Each book and author is different so the financial arrangements vary from situation to situation:

      • I am paid a non-refundable flat fee for creating a viable book proposal.

      • Once the book is sold, the author and I split the proceeds in a way that we all deem fair. I have received 50% of the advance and royalties as well as 33%. Despite these percentages, I have also commanded a minimum fee per book regardless of what the publisher pays in advance. In some cases I get no royalties at all but a flat fee, producing a “work-for-hire.”

      • This variability can depend on how famous my co-authors are – their media presence – and what I bring to the table–how much my reputation and connections help to make the sale. It can also depend on whether I step into a book already in progress or begin building the book from the ground up with my partner.

      • I may be willing to trade away cover credit if my cut of the proceeds is sufficiently generous. In this case, I would be acting as a “ghostwriter.”

      • I do not write on spec – creating a proposal and/or book and hoping to get paid once it is sold.

Because each situation is unique, my financial requirements are best discussed with my agent. He can be reached at

At other times, I am paid as a consultant on an hourly basis. This occurs most often when I edit an author’s manuscript or act as a writing coach. I meet or talk with these private clients weekly or bi-weekly to help them organize and write their ideas with clarity and passion. They do the writing but submit material to me for editing, comment, and discussion. I have also edited book proposals for agents in order to make them more sellable. For these, I am also paid on an hourly basis. To access my consulting business, you can reach me at

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